The LORIA-INRIA Research Laboratory is located in the Henri Poincaré University, in Nancy, France. It is the only pure-white building in the middle of the campus, so you cannot miss it. You will find bellow the google's satellite and pedestrian views of the building. The main entrance of the LORIA (the one with the welcome desk) is located in the middle of the building.

If you come by train : From Nancy's train station, take the Tramway, direction "Vandoeuvre CHU Brabois". The stop is next to the train station, and close to the bridge over the train's tracks. You can buy a ticket at the tram's station. Stop at "Callot". From there, you can walk to the university, it's very close. Please look at the map below, both the tram's station and the LORIA are pointed.

If you come by car : To feed your GPS, the adresse is "615, rue du Jardin Botanique, 54500 Villers-lès-Nancy", with Latitude: 48.665507 and Longitude: 6.156108. More specific directions can be found on the Loria's access pages.

Larger map at Google

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